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Star of Bethlehem: Full Dome Planetarium Experience

Journey back in time to see the night sky 2000 years ago. What was it that brought the Magi from the East to a little town in Palestine? Who were the wise men? Were there just three? Did they come from Persia, Babylon or Ethiopia? Did they follow a visible star to Jerusalem? Was Jesus born 2005 years ago? Is December 25th his real birthday?

Star of Bethlehem takes you back in time, a time of mystery. The planetarium show, produced by the Eugenides Foundation, answers these questions and more, as audiences search for a celestial object that could have led the wise men to the Christ child. A planet was called a “wandering star.” A meteor was a “shooting star.” And a comet was a “hairy star” because its tail looked like a beard. These are all candidates in our search. See the new research of a triple conjunction that may have been the sign in the East of the new Messiah.

Star of Bethlehem, showing in the BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina Planetarium presents historical and scientific facts to unravel this 2,000-year old mystery through a special audiovisual display featuring popular Christmas carols the whole family can enjoy. If you’re looking for things to do this holiday season, make plans to visit the South Carolina State Museum and enjoy this full dome

Show Run Time: 25 minutes

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