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Tiny Giants 4-D Experience® Now Playing at the State Museum

BIG action in small sizes leaps to life in Tiny Giants 4-D Experience, now playing at the South Carolina State Museum!

Tiny Giants 4D Experience, 4D Theater

This 12-minute show was creatively adapted from the BBC Earth film, Tiny Giants, in order to maximize special effects and enhance the world-class 3-D technology that pops off the screen. Through this enhanced perspective, guests will be able to follow along with a chipmunk’s perilous quest while also learning about the key elements of survival on the forest floor.

Tiny Giants 4D Experience Cute Chipmunks

Witness the world’s smallest hero embark on an epic adventure in Tiny Giants 4-D Experience®! The Enchanted Forest is the mysterious and wild home of a chipmunk whose small size is trumped by his enormous heart. This courageous creature taps into his ingenious superpowers to navigate the dangers of changing seasons, food struggles and true forest giants like wolves and moose. The immersive power of specialty 3-D cameras and incredible special effects will transport you into this magical world beneath our feet!

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