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8 Ways to Stay Cool With a State Museum Visit this July 4th Holiday

Escape the high temperatures and enjoy a full day of family friendly fun at the South Carolina State Museum in Columbia this Fourth of July!

We are OPEN FOR FUN all week, including July 4th. Stay cool with the patriotic show, Laser Salute to America, playing through Sun., July 8. Guests will also get the chance to see our NEW full-dome planetarium show, We Are Stars!

Here are 8 unique museum experiences that will help you beat this summer heat:

1. Laser Salute to America Lights Up the Planetarium

Laser Salute to America, 4th of July, Planetarium, Columbia, South Carollina

Experience an exciting laser show that celebrates the spirit of America and honors its heroes through patriotic songs by various artists set to laser lights. This exclusive, limited run show in the BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina Planetarium is the perfect holiday activity for the whole family.

2. We Are Stars – NEW Fully Immersive Planetarium Experience

Planetarium, Columbia, Attractions, South Carolina, Museum, South Carolina State Museum, Astronomy,

Go on an epic journey through time and space to explore our explosive origins and discover how we are connected to the cosmos in this family-friendly planetarium show. See how stars forged the elements that eventually became the building blocks of planets and more. Narrated by Andy Serkis.

3. Feel the Chill in the 4-D Theater

Memorial Day, Weekend, 4d theater, Ice Age No Yime For Nuts 4D, Columbia, Family, Things to Do

Movies come alive in the State Museum’s Rev. Dr. Solomon Jackson, Jr. 4D Interactive Theater! Enjoy a 3-D visual experience with the fourth dimension of environmental experiences like blasts of air, vibrating seats and more.

Join Scrat, Ice Age’s resident nut-crazed sabre-toothed squirrel, as he time travels in his zaniest adventure to date in Ice Age: No Time For Nuts 4D. Play in the snow and enjoy the icy breeze of the Ice Age!

4. Blast Off to the Observatory

Observatory, Boeing Observatory, South Carolina, Museum, Columbia, Things to do, family fun

Have you ever taken an up-close look at our Sun? Want to learn about our universe and how to be an astronomer? Visit the State Museum’s Boeing Observatory!

This 2,500 square foot observatory features a 1926 Alvan Clark 12 3/8-inch refracting telescope and an outdoor viewing terrace. When skies are clear, guests can enjoy solar viewing and learn about phenomena such as “sun spots” and “solar prominences.”

The museum and observatory are also open until 10 p.m. on Tuesday nights for night-sky observing!

5. Did Someone Say Dinosaurs?

South Carolina State Museum, Dinosuar, South Carolina, Family, Things to Do, Columbi

Travel millions of years into our ancient past when you explore the museum’s dinosaur and natural history exhibits. See fossils and life-like recreations of the animals that once called South Carolina home so long ago.

6. Stringer Discovery Center

Discovery Center, South Carolina State Museum, Family Fun, Pre-K, toddlers, early education, play space

This special family engagement space is full of exciting activities designed for children ages six and under to learn, explore and have fun. Including a fully equipped play stage area, an imagination playground featuring giant foam blocks to build creative designs, a tree house, a reading station and more!

7. Cultural History Gallery

South Carolina State Museum, History, South Carolina, Family, Things to Do, Columbi

The museum’s fourth-floor history gallery traces the history of South Carolina. Guests can see examples of Native American pottery, objects owned by early colonial settlers, a replica of the CSS Hunley, a late 19th-century schoolhouse, a new permanent exhibit on the Civil War and more.

Plus, don’t miss the museum’s new exhibit, South Carolina and Reconstruction, 1865-1876.

8. Shop and Café

Crescent Cafe, Chicken Salad Sandwich

There is so much to see and do at the State Museum you could spend the whole day here! No need to leave to for lunch, just visit the museum’s Crescent Cafe on the second-floor mezzanine. Enjoy snacks, a delicious array of sandwiches and wraps, sweet treats, coffee and more. Children’s menu available as well!

Plus, check out the museum’s store, The Cotton Mill Exchange, for a selection of unique items from beautiful linens and jewelry to decorative items for your home or office, gourmet food and more. The 4,000 square foot museum store features a spectacular range of gifts representing the Palmetto state.

We are OPEN FOR FUN this holiday! Get your tickets now!