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5 Mysterious Reasons to Become a State Museum Jr. Detective this Weekend

Back by popular demand we’re bringing back Jr. Detective fun – but this time we’re making a weekend out of it! That’s right, starting Saturday, Feb. 15 through Monday, Feb. 17, kids (3-12) will get general admission, entry into The International Exhibition of Sherlock Holmes, plus a ticket to Sherlock Holmes 4D: The Great Detective for only $10 (reg. $18.95)!

We thought you’d like to check out 5 cool reasons you’ll want to become a State Museum Jr. Detective this weekend:

1. The International Exhibition of Sherlock Holmes
Sherlock Exhibit 221b Baker St with Guests
With your Jr. Detective pass you’ll get entry into the museum’s new blockbuster exhibit, The International Exhibition of Sherlock Holmes! This interactive exhibit will transport you to Victorian London where a crime has been committed and Sherlock Holmes needs YOUR help to solve the mystery! You’ll gather evidence, test it and unlock secret messages from Sherlock to help you close the case!

2. Junior Detective Notebook

Jr. Detectives get their very own special notebooks to help them figure out how to solve the mystery! You’ll use your notebook to gather the evidence from the crime scene, head to stations to test what you’ve documented. Each time you’ll use your notebook to figure out what’s right before getting a secret message from Sherlock!

3. Collect Your Special Prize

Once you’ve collected all your information in your Jr. Detective notebook and helped Sherlock solve the mystery – you’ll be rewarded with a special prize to take home and show all of your friends!

4. Sherlock Holmes 4D: the Great Detective

If you haven’t experienced the museum’s 4D theater, this is your chance! Our theater offers a unique experience! From immersive 3D visual effects to spectacular real-life effects like wind blasts, seat vibrations, water spray, bubbles and more, you will feel like you’re a part of the action! In Sherlock Holmes 4D: the Great Detective, guests will set out on a fast-paced adventure as Holmes and his companion, Doctor Watson, race after a criminal, into the Tower of London and up the clock tower of Big Ben. You’ll be on the edge of your seat the whole movie!

5. Admission to all four floors of the State Museum

Now that you’ve earned your Jr. Detective status you can head out on another adventure across four incredible floors of South Carolina art, science and technology, cultural history and natural history.

We hope to see you this weekend Junior Detective Passes are only available on-site and can be purchased at the museum Admissions Desk.