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Executive Committee

James Suddeth, Board Chair & Executive Committee Chair
DeDee Rowe, Board Chair-Elect
Ned Nicholson, Past Board Chair
Vacant, Secretary
Bill Quattlebaum, Treasurer
Robert Quell, Audit Committee Chair
Jan Shackelford, Public Relations Committee Chair
Kathy Mckinney, Advocacy and Awareness Committee Chair
Rita Caughman, Development Committee Chair
Blake Montgomery, Investments Committee
Willie Calloway- State Museum Executive Director, Ex-Officio
John McCabe-State Museum Commission Chair, Ex-Officio


Board Members

Xanna Bailey
Roger Blau
Regina Brown
Jim Faulkenberry
Frank Golson
Geoffrey Hardee
Rev. Dr. Solomon Jackson
Martha Jo Smith Johnson
Sam Johnson
Rhonda Russell
Al Saad
Pat Segars
Taylor Stevens
Bhavna Vasudeva


Donor Relations Manager
Karen Hall

Financial Analyst
Kim Venable

Foundation Assitant
Kristi Oberman


Upcoming Foundation Board Meetings:

February 28, 2019

April 25, 2019

June 27, 2019

Questions regarding meetings may be directed to Karen Hall at (803) 898-4935 or via e-mail at