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Solar Eclipse 2017 at the South Carolina State Museum

Fri., Aug. 18 – Mon., Aug. 21

On August 21, 2017 Columbia, SC will be one of the best places to witness the Solar Eclipse of 2017. While the entire United States will see a partial eclipse, Columbia will be one of a handful of cities to see the amazing spectacle of a total solar eclipse.

Eclipse Headquarters

As the headquarters for the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse in South Carolina, the State Museum will be hosting Eclipse activities leading up to a special Pre-Eclipse Weekend and the event itself on Mon., Aug. 21. The museum will also be providing Solar Eclipse resources and training for South Carolina educators and institutions throughout the year.

August 1 -17, 2017

The State Museum will be offering special shows and activities from August 1 – 17, leading up to the big Pre-Eclipse Weekend and Total Solar Eclipse Day. More information on these programs coming soon!

Pre-Eclipse Weekend Fun

Fri., Aug. 18 – Sun., Aug. 20

The State Museum will be hosting a weekend of Eclipse related fun featuring planetarium shows, tours of the telescope collection, activity stations, 4D shows, admission to the current blockbuster exhibit and more.




Total Solar Eclipse Day

Mon., Aug. 21

On Eclipse Day, the State Museum will be offering special viewing areas and eclipse viewing glasses. Plus: planetarium and 4D shows, tours of the telescope collection, activity stations, admission to the current blockbuster exhibit and more.




School & Teacher Resources

Available Now

State Museum astronomy educators will serve as resident experts for knowledge and expertise on eclipse related subjects. State Museum Educators will be available for professional training, classroom outreach opportunities and more.





Stay Updated

Throughout the year the museum will be developing offers, programs, events and lots more around the 2017 Solar Eclipse. Stay updated with the latest information and museum eclipse offerings by joining our 2017 Solar Eclipse Enews!

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solar-eclipse-map-2017-for-webWHAT IS A SOLAR ECLIPSE?

A solar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes between the Earth and the Sun, causing the Moon to temporarily cast its shadow on Earth. Solar eclipses happen about twice a year and total eclipses are only visible to those located in the path of the Moon’s shadow as it crosses the Earth. Columbia is located close to the center of this path of totality, which is less than 100 miles wide. A total solar eclipse has not been visible from the United States since 1979, which has some astronomy fans referring to this event as the “Great American Eclipse.”

If you are interested in learning more about this eclipse, visit for maps, eclipse history, videos and more.