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Educational outreach opportunities at the SC State Museum allow educators and students access to the museum’s exceptional programs and resources. Through the Museum on the Move program, trained museum educators will bring standards-based programs right into classrooms across the state. Featured programs will include: portable planetarium experiences, innovative STEM classes, natural history collections, and extraordinary art and hands-on-history lessons.

The museum also offers a Traveling Exhibits Program. Click HERE to learn more.


Starlab Planetarium

The StarLab is a portable planetarium experience with an inflatable dome and star projector to transport you and your students through the solar system and beyond! Starlab requirements include:

  • 24-feet of cleared floor space in all directions

  • 11-feet ceiling clearance including light fixtures

  • 2 working wall outlets

  • Isolation from all noise and activities

  • The Starlab must be set up on a floor (not a stage) and must be located inside

  • The Starlab cannot be moved once set up

Starlab Options

Option 1: SCSM Educator Led lessons

Have a SC State Museum educator take you and your students on a celestial journey with a 45-minute program covering topics from navigation and the Starfield, constellations, the Moon, and the solar system. Educators are able to customize programs and answer questions with your students after the lesson.

Each program:

  • Holds 20-25 students

  • Requires a 1hr block of time

  • Will cover all 4 major astronomy topics

  • Are customizable to your grade level and standards

Program Costs:

  • $150 for the first program

  • $100 for each additional program (a maximum of 5 programs in a day)

Please note: museum educators are not able to depart the SC State Museum in Columbia until 7:30am.

Option 2: Week-long Starlab Rental

This option allow educators to choose up to 4 StarLab cylinders and training on how to use the StarLab on your own for a week. A SC State Museum educator will arrive Monday morning to setup the dome and walk a teacher through equipment usage and safety instructions. Then, during the week, teachers will be able to use the dome to teach the astronomy lessons themselves. An understanding of technical equipment and astronomy knowledge is required. On Friday, a State Museum educator will return to check the equipment and pack it all up for you.

Program Costs:

  • One week Starlab rental is $700

Interested in bringing Museum on the Move to your school? Want to book a Starlab program for your students? Call us at (803) 898-4990 or email