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Virtual At-Home Morning Camps – Spring Break

Virtual Spring Break Camp

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Camp Pricing

All Access Week of Camp
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$100 per household / comes with 1 kit for each day.


$80 per household / comes with 1 kit for each day.

Camp By the Day
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$25 per household per day / comes with 1 kit for each day.


$20 per household per day / comes with 1 kit for each day.

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Virtual At-Home Morning Camps – Spring Break

April 5 – 9 from 10:30 a.m. – Noon

The South Carolina State Museum in Columbia is excited to introduce At-Home Virtual Morning Camps during Spring Break for ages 6 – 11, sponsored by AFLAC! These daily morning camps will focus on a different theme for each session, including natural history, astronomy, art, S.T.E.A.M and more. Campers can participate on their own and/or families are welcome to join in and work together throughout the session.

How Do At-Home Virtual Camps Work?

  • Each 90 minute morning Zoom session will feature a different theme / activity. After a brief check-in period, a museum educator will lead participants in 30 minutes of content learning and then 30 minutes of a hands-on activity. The session closes with 15 minutes for review and final dance party.

  • Camp activities are designed to be completed by individual campers and/or with families participating and working together. They are hands-on and (mostly) mess free.

  • Each camp daily session comes with a kit of supplies for the activities. See below for more details.

  • Kits will include enough materials for one camper – but can be shared with other campers in the household. If sharing a kit, campers must also be sharing a screen / device and cannot be on separate devices.

What Does Camp Registration Include?

  • Access to live virtual content and museum educators

  • 1 set of materials for the daily morning session.

QUESTIONS? Call 803.898.4999 or email

Camp Schedule

Please note: this page is updated periodically with camp availability.

ET, Phone Gnome!
Mon., April 5
A friendly space alien has crash landed in your garden and isn’t used to the amount of sunlight we get here on Earth. Learn about different kinds of stars and how sunlight affects life while creating an alien who comes from a planet that orbits a star very different from our Sun. Then figure out a way to help our new friend keep from getting too much sun while waiting for a rescue party!

Let’s Face the Vessels
Tues., April 6
Today we will go on a virtual tour of the exhibit Early American Face Vessels from the George H. Meyer Collection with Art Curator, Amy Chalmers! She will highlight the amazing and unique pieces the collection has to offer and even show us how to create our very own clay face vessel to keep at home.

Up, up, and Away!
Wed., April 7
Let’s go up, up and away! Learn about flight and how bats, birds, and insects navigate. Can you echolocate like bat? Fly in crazy eights like a hummingbird? Soar great distances like an albatross? Discover all this and more in this fun-filled exploration of masters of flight.

Now THAT’S Sound Science
Thurs, April 8
Science and Technology Curator, Meredith Nichter, will lead a virtual exploration of the new exhibition, Make Some Noise. We’ll learn a great deal about the science and history behind the sounds that surround us.

Fri., April 9
By far, the most requested activity from all of our campers – the little motorized “bot” that draws and jiggles and even battles if you want it to! Campers will get-to-tinkering on this final day of camp as they get their motors running and create their own mini-circuits to put together their very own doodling “bot.” Campers who have done this will be challenged to create a battling doodling bot.

Camper Information

  • Campers need basic reading comprehension skills and good fine motor skills.

  • Teaching interactions occur through Zoom and materials will be picked up at the museum.

  • All activities will occur through Zoom. Participants must have a computer, a reliable internet connection and download Zoom to their computers.

  • All activities have been designed with you in mind. While not totally mess-free, our goal is to keep the messes minimal, so you aren’t spending an hour cleaning every day. We’re also shooting for your camper to be able to complete all of our tasks without having to run and get you every few minutes if you still have work you need to get done. It may not always be the case but we will try our best!

  • Still not sure if your camper can do our camps? In general, if they can tie their shoes in a double knot and undo it, they can do the activities in camp.

Kit Information

  • Staff will be wearing masks and washing hands throughout the kit making process.

  • Kits will be available for pick-up at the museum from 2 – 5 p.m. on Sat., April 3. Kits cannot be picked up after5 p.m. on April 3 (the museum is closed Easter Sunday, April 4). If needed, alternate pick-up times may be arranged in advance prior to registration by contacting Not all date(s) or time(s) will be available.

  • You may park at the front of the building and walk up to the front desk to pick-up your kit. Just say your last name and we will confirm your registration and dates. If you do not feel comfortable coming inside, please give the front desk a call at (803)898-4021 and someone will bring it out to you.

  • A shipping option for kits is available. The museum is not responsible for shipping delays and no refunds will be given if materials do not arrive on time. Last day to register for a shipped kit is March 26, 2020.

  • All materials are consumable and kits will not need to returned.

Refund Policy:

  • A written cancellation request must be received two weeks before the scheduled camp in order to receive a partial refund.

  • No refunds will be issued for cancellations made with less than two weeks notice.

  • If rescheduling is preferred, it is subject to space availability.

  • The South Carolina State Museum reserves the right to reschedule or cancel any activity. A refund will be given if the museum cancels a camp.

  • Refunds will not be given to families who do not pick-up their camp kits by April 3, 2021 (between 2-5 p.m.).