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Apollo 50: Journey to the Moon

Apollo 50 Journey to the Moon


This exhibit is free with museum general admission or membership.

Adult (13-61): $8.95

Seniors (62 +): $7.95

Children (3-12): $6.95

Infants 2 and under: FREE

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Apollo 50: Journey to the Moon

New Exhibit! Opens April 13!

To mark the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon Landing the South Carolina State Museum presents a new exhibition charting the history of NASA’s Apollo program and South Carolina’s role in lunar exploration.

This new, immersive exhibition takes visitors on a journey through the years of the Apollo program as America raced to accomplish a lunar landing before the Soviet Union. Guests can also learn about Apollo 16 astronaut, Charles Duke, who grew up in Lancaster, SC and other notable South Carolinians who contributed to the Apollo program.

Exhibition features:

  • A life-size reproduction of the Apollo Command Module Capsule.

  • A replica Apollo Lunar Rover used for astronaut training that guests can sit in.

  • A collection of artifacts from Charles Duke’s Apollo 16 mission including: a “rock box” used by Duke to collect moon samples, a cuff check list, a chronograph, Duke’s Apollo training flight suits, his helmet and more.

  • Apollo 16 training “moon” rocks.

  • A large scale reproduction of the Saturn V rocket’s Instrument Unit.

And more!