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Past Exhibit – Threads: the Story in Our Clothes

Threads: the Story in Our Clothes

PAST EXHIBIT! This exhibit closed on Jan. 31, 2016!

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Oh no! This exhibit is now out-of-fashion! Please click HERE for a full list of current exhibits at the State Museum. You can also stay up-to-date with everything the museum has to offer by joining our Enews list below:


THREADS: the Story in Our Clothes

From lab coats to riding pants, to formal gowns and wedding dresses, to repurposed clothing and handmade work dresses, what people wore and continue to wear tells stories of their time, experiences, lifestyles and culture. Threads: The Story in Our Clothes uses pieces from the State Museum’s expansive clothing collection to explore more than 200 years of clothing and fashion.

Every article in the exhibit tells a story about South Carolinians, either through their creation or in the lives of the people who wore them. Threads examines some of the reasons people wore what they did and the role society, fashion, science, the environment and practicality played in those choices.