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Past Exhibits

The South Carolina State Museum hosts a variety of changing exhibits throughout the year, here is list of past exhbits the museum has hosted in recent years.




RACE: Are We So Different?SCSM-Race-Press-Kit-Cover
June – Sept. 2016
Explore a cultural and scientific look at race throughout history and the reasons we should celebrate our differences in the new blockbuster exhibit, RACE: Are We So Different?, presented by Central Carolina Community Foundation. This exhibit was developed by the American Anthropological Association in collaboration with the Science Museum of Minnesota.

Click HERE to learn more about this exhbit and access related resources.


Julius Caesar: Roman Military Might and MachinesJulius Caesar Roman Military Might and Machines
Sept. 2015 – May 2016
This exhibition brought to life one of the most technologically significant times in history by showcasing more than 30 intricately designed and functional inventions from the height of the Roman Empire



BUGS! Giant Robotic CreaturesBUGS_Web_page
Feb. – Sept. 2015
In, BUGS! Giant Robotic Creatures, guests could explore some of the world’s most common insects like never before as they were shown 40 to 120 times their size in this exciting blockbuster exhibit. Using animatronics and interactive technology, BUGS! enlarged and brought to life the hidden world of insects.



Dinosaurs: A Bite Out of Timedinosaurs_trex
June 2014 – Jan. 2015
This exhibit took guests on a journey millions of years into the past to learn bout dinosuars using animatronics and interactive technology.