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Traveling Exhibit – SC Watermedia Annual Exhibition

Through the Eyes of a Child, Looking Up by Lynda English (2018 SC Watermedia Traveling Exhibit)

Guardian by Barbara Stitt (2018 SC Watermedia Traveling Exhibit)

Unspeakable Praise by Suzanna Accetta (2018 SC Watermedia Traveling Exhibit)

Matchbox Rendezvouse by Audrey Montgomery (2018 SC Watermedia Traveling Exhibit)

Exhibit Details

Specs: 30 Framed Artworks
Security: High
Travel Requirements Van

Schedule Status

Now Available


Exhibit rental pricing includes a one time $150.00 Booking Fee and $150.00 per month rental fee.

1 Month Rental: $300.00
2 Months Rental: $450.00
3 Months Rental: $600.00

To Book

By Phone: 803-898-4959

2018 SC Watermedia Annual Exhibition

The SC Watermedia Society (SCWS) is partnering with the South Carolina State Museum to travel an exclusive selection of artwork from the 2018 SCWS Annual Exhibition!

The show features 30 pieces of original artwork. It is now available for travel by the South Carolina State Museum’s Traveling Exhibits Program.

The SC Watermedia Society is the only statewide visual arts organization in South Carolina.  The society promotes artists who work in watermedia, which may be watercolor, acrylic, gouache, casein and mixed media in conjunction with water based media on any surface. The annual traveling exhibition appears in cities across the state and reaches 20,000 visitors annually.

This year’s exhibition was juried by Laurie Goldstein-Warren. The exhibit features 30 pieces including original works from artists like “Best of Show” award winner, Lynda English for her piece, Through the Eyes of a Child, Looking up. Other award winning artists included are: Anne Hightower-Patterson and Suzanne Accetta.

In addition to the award winners, 33 other artists were also accepted into the show from around the nation in a digital format. The exhibit will provide public access to the “best of the best” and is facilitated by the South Carolina State Museum’s Traveling Exhibit Program.

Information on the 2018 SC Watermedia Annual Exhibition

pdficon_small SCSW 2018 Exhibit Program

pdficon_small SCSW 2018 Elements List

SC Watermedia Society is a non-profit and IRS 501C3 corporation whose purpose is promoting the artistic and professional interests of its members and providing visual arts programs to the public. Its almost 300 members are from South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia.