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Traveling Exhibits: Science

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The following science exhibits are available through the Traveling Exhibits Program. For more information, call 803.898.4959 or email

The Great Charleston Earthquake, 1886Charleston Earthquake

The most destructive earthquake ever recorded in the eastern United States, occurred near Charleston, SC on August 31, 1886. Discover details about the devastation and how rescue efforts were deployed during the 1800’s. The exhibit also teaches how to protect yourself today should an earthquake occur.

The exhibit was developed by the South Carolina State Museum with research, collaboration and assistance from Susan Millar Williams and Stephen G. Hoffius, authors of Upheaval in Charleston: Earthquake and Murder on the Eve of Jim Crow (University of Georgia Press, 2011) and the Emergency Management Division of South Carolina.

The exhibit includes a tour aligned with S.C. education standards for venues wishing to attract school groups and also includes materials for an entertaining tent building project to be used during family or school programs.

15 metal framed exhibit panels 31X 37
1 canvas depiction of St. Philip’s Church 114’ x 85”
1 education package for tent building project
DVD featuring interviews with book authors and local experts on geology and history.
Digital press package with photos

Security: Medium
Transportation: Van with seats removed

Diversity EndangeredDiversity Endangered

Diversity Endangered is a natural history exhibit created by the Smithsonian Institution with a grant from the National Science Foundation. Every time a highway is constructed, a river dammed, a streambed diverted, or a forest cleared, the natural habitat of plants and animals is lost. In many cases, habitat is not destroyed entirely but what does vanish is the unseen diversity that depends on complex interactions between all of an environment’s elements.

Specs: 13 metal framed panels 40”(h) x 27”(w)
Security: low
Transportation requirements: Cargo van with no seats
Press kit included with photos and a press release for your letterhead.

Fractals: Mathematics and Science As Art

Fractals consist of mathematical “objects” produced by a computer. One’s imagination and curiosity will be awakened with these attractively produced two-dimensional artistic creations. These colorful images provide a mix of horizontal and vertical presentation formats, with two pieces (seemingly identical) meant to hang about an inch apart,–creating one larger “image”.

Specs: 32 framed images 20” x 30”
Security: Moderate
Transportation Requirements: Van with no seats