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The Boeing Observatory at the SC State Museum is open every Tuesday night, during Second Shift Twosdays, until 10 p.m. Observatory access is included with museum general admission, which is 2 for $10 and free for museum members during Second Shift Twosday nights.

This page will be updated each Tuesday with the expected viewing forecast for that evening.

Obervatory Viewing Upadate For Tues., Sept. 19

Weather conditions can change quickly, so make sure to follow @SCSMObservatory on Twitter for updates.


7:24 p.m.


Current National Weather Service forecast calls for partly cloudy skies.

What to See

Albireo, Ring Nebula, Great Globular Cluster in Hercules

Viewing Notes

  • Albireo is a beautiful example of a double star. One star is blue and the other is reddish-gold.

  • The Ring Nebula is an area where a star similar to our Sun died. It is located about 2,300 light years from Earth.

  • The Great Globular Cluster in Hercules is a cluster of about 300,000 stars located about 2,500 light years from Earth.

  • In the event of cloudy weather, observatory educators will lead hands-on astronomy activities and observatory tours.