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AstroKids Club

AstroKids Club, South Carolina State Museum

2018 AstroKids Class Picture

AstroKids Club at the State Museum

Exclusively for State Museum members, this new add-on club is for children 5-12. Have a budding astronomy enthusiast in your family? Or a child interested in space and the universe around us? The AstroKids Club comes with great perks and benefits for your child and will encourage learning and fun as they explore space like never before.

AstroKids Club is available for any new or existing museum member for $25 per child, per year. Children who wish to become AstroKids need to be covered under a parent membership (Family Basic level and above). You can register your child for AstroKids at any time but AstroKids will renew along with the parent membership.

All AstroKids receive the following benefits:

  • Official AstroKids Membership Card
    AstroKids will show this card anytime they are in the museum and are seeking stamp opportunities for their Astronomer’s Field guide or are redeeming stamps for prizes.

  • Official AstroKids T-shirt
    One shirt per child per year.

  • Astronomer’s Field Guide
    This field guide allows AstroKids to visit the museum throughout the year to collect stamps for various astronomy challenges. Stamps will be given ONLY by the observatory and planetarium staff in their respective areas. Front desk staff will not give stamps.

  • Invitation to the Annual Space Party
    An exclusive annual event held just for AstroKids!

  • Additional 10% off family overnights or birthday parties

  • Exclusive AstroKids Enewsletters
    Stay up-to-date on special SCSM astronomical events and other interesting astronomy facts and news. Please be sure to include a valid email address so we can tell your AstroKid about all the special things we have planned just for them!

How to Earn Your Prizes

AstroKids can visit the museum throughout the year to earn stamps for various astronomy challenges listed in the Field Guide. Once a certain number of stamps have been earned, Astrokids can receive a prize.

5 Stamps = Bring a friend for free to the museum**
10 Stamps = AstroKids Rocket ship Pen
15 Stamps = AstroKids Special Space Poster
25 Stamps = $20 Gift Certificate to the Cotton Mill Exchange Gift Shop
30 Stamps = Free Birthday Party***
35 Stamps = VIP Package: Galileoscope Telescope Kit, Tripod, Planisphere Star Chart, Night vision red LED flashlight, Nightwatch: A Practical Guide to Viewing the Universe, Photo in IMAGES Magazine

* Prizes are subject to change pending availability.
**Free friends will receive general admission to the museum only.
***Exclusions apply.

How to Join

Current and Renewing Members
To add-on AstroKids during your current membership cycle or when you renew, please call the Membership Dept. at 803.898.4937 or see the Admissions Desk on your next visit to get started.

New and Renewing Members
If you are about to join online, you will be prompted to add-on AstroKids as a membership option. You may also add Astrokids when you join or or renew by phone at 803.898.4937 or when on your next visit at the admissions desk.


Please call the Membership Dept. at 803.898.4937 or email us at