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Dear Friends,

We have an exciting year ahead of us! Have you heard of a little astronomical event called the total solar eclipse of the sun? That’s right the TOTAL eclipse of the sun. This year South Carolina finds itself in the direct path of the August 21, 2017 eclipse and your South Carolina State Museum has a front row seat. We will be “Eclipse Headquarters” for the State of South Carolina!

“The State Museum staff has been excited about the total eclipse for over five years. Knowing that we were building the expanded museum with all of our great astronomy resources, we knew that this was a special opportunity to show off the entire museum to guests from South Carolina to international audiences all around the world. August 21st will be an exciting day at the South Carolina State Museum.” – Tom Falvey, Director of Education

Since the opening of Window to New Worlds, your South Carolina State Museum becomes the largest astronomy resource this side of the Mississippi. Our growth and success over the years has allowed us the opportunity to do so much more with educational programing and engage students of all ages with our distance learning program through our Boeing Observatory.

We are proud of what we have built and excited that with the support of generous donors such as yourself that we can continue to inspire and educate all ages! Your donations over the years have helped to provide your South Carolina State Museum with the resources to retain amazing staff and purchase needed equipment. The Eclipse of 2017 will be a great opportunity the museum to showcase our wonderful Astronomy faculty and staff!

We hope that you will continue to support the efforts of your South Carolina State Museum. We have included a donation request form and invite you to make a gift during our annual fund spring drive. A gift of any size is critical to sustain our educational impact as we nurture young minds.

We hope to see you in August for this once in a life time experience!

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Ned Nicholson Chairman, SCSM Foundation Board of Directors

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William Calloway Executive Director, SC State Museum


P.S. Please remember that donations to the South Carolina Museum Foundation Annual Fund are 100% tax deductible. Thank you! To make your donation click below to donate online, call (803) 898-4935 or mail a check to the State Museum Foundation, 301 Gervais St., Rear, Columbia, S.C., 29201.


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