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New Membership Updates

Thank you for being a member and supporting your State Museum! To improve your membership experience, the museum recently introduced exciting new upgrades and options to our current levels starting February 15, 2017. Please see below for more information and if you have any questions please contact the Membership Dept. by phone at 803.898.4937 or by email at


If you are a South Carolina State Employee and pay for your membership through payroll deduction, please CLICK HERE.


Attraction Tickets:
• As members, after February 15, you can use the free tickets that come with your membership at any add-on attraction (4D theater, planetarium, blockbuster
• Anytime you visit the museum, please come to the ticket desk so we can greet you and get you checked-in. New program members will need to visit the desk to get their attraction tickets for the day. Old program members can still scan their card at the attractions.

+1 Guest Option (Family Basic only):
• Family Basic members will receive the new benefit of being able to bring an unnamed guest with them at each visit for free after they renew under the new program.
• This option is great for babysitters, college-aged children not covered under your membership, grandparents or any other adult you want to bring with you.
• Members must be present to check-in their guest at each visit. Member card is not transferable to unnamed guest.

ROAM Benefits (Family Plus and above levels only):
• ROAM is the Reciprocal Organization of Associated Museums. It allows Members to take their benefits with them when they travel to other participating museums including Member general admission for two and Member discounts in stores and restaurants.
• To start receiving your ROAM benefits, please come by the museum to get your ROAM sticker. You do not have to wait until you renew under the new program to use this benefit.
• You can get a full list of participating museums on the ROAM website.


“I Renewed Before February 15”
If you renewed your membership before Feb. 15, 2017 you will still operate under the older membership level benefits (2016) until you renew again.

“I Will Be Renewing After February 15”
If you have not renewed your membership but plan to, simply renew your membership as you normally would and you will automatically be part of the new program.

“I want to Renew Early to Be a Part of the New Program”
We recommend that you continue to enjoy the benefits on your current membership and renew with the new program when it is time for you to renew. If you have not used all your tickets at the time of early renewal, you will lose them.


√ If you are OK with enjoying your membership and renewing in the new program when it’s your renewal time – nothing – just renew as you normally would. You can still renew by mail, phone, in person or online.

√ If you want to take advantage of the new program but are not up for renewal – you can renew early. In doing so, your benefits will start over and you will lose any unused benefits from the previous program. You will also get a new renewal date so that you enjoy a full year of the new benefits. Keep in mind, some benefits are going away and some are being added, so make sure renewing early is in your best interest. We can help you with this decision, just call or email us anytime.