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The State Museum is introducing some new and exciting updates to the current membership program. These updates will go into effect Feb. 15, 2017. Your 2017 membership cards will be mailed mid-February, but in the meantime your current cards (even though they have a Jan. 31, 2017 expiration date) will still be valid.


South Carolina State employees are invited to become members of the SC State Museum though payroll deduction! Just follow the steps below:

Instructions for starting payroll deduction membership

Step 1: Print the payroll deduction form HERE

Step 2: Fill out form and select membership level. Need info on member levels and benefits > Click HERE

Step 3: Log onto

Step 4: Click on the employee self service tab

Step 5: Click on the my pay link in the middle of the page

Step 6: Click on the voluntary deductions (recurring) link

Step 7: In the deduction box enter the code 2211 for the Friends of the State Museum Foundation

Step 8: Enter the amount of the deduction found on the payroll form for the membership level you have chosen

Step 9: Enter the date you want the deduction to start

Step 10: Finish up and close out

Step 11: Fax (803-898-4969) or email the form to

Please note: you will not receive your membership card until the payroll deduction form has been sent to membership staff. 


Contact the Membership Department by phone at 803.898.4937 or by email at