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Youth Volunteer Program



Application: Please submit your application, as well as a mentor recommendation. Selected candidates will then be contacted for interviews.

Youth Volunteer Application

Youth Volunteer Recommendation Form

Expected Hours:

Foe each volunteer day you will be expected to arrive by 10:00am and be picked up between 2:00-3:00pm each day. Please note: Youth Volunteers cannot be left at the museum after 3:00pm, they must be picked up on time each day.


Training is required to participate as a Youth Volunteer during the summer.



Youth Volunteer Program

South Carolina State Museum’s Youth Volunteer Program is seeking youth ages 15-17 who want to make a difference in the lives of museum guests while gaining leadership and teaching experience during the summer months. This is especially geared towards youth who are considering a career in education for their future.

This program is a wonderful way for motivated teens to gain valuable pre-employment experience in an educational setting. This is an unpaid volunteer position. A successful summer as a youth volunteer can be a great item for resumes and college applications.

Youth Volunteers will have the opportunity to not only gain first-hand experience in a museum setting, but will be trained to provide hands-on opportunities for museum guests. Part of the program consists of gallery monitoring, while a portion will be dedicated to these hands-on opportunities.

Youth Volunteers will be required to attend specialized training where they will not only be given information about the museum in general, but learn specifically how to interact with guests at the hands-on stations they will be staffing. Volunteers should enjoy working with children!

Please note, space is limited in the Youth Volunteer Program.

Expectations and Requirements:

  • Ability to communicate clearly and effectively

  • Desire to share knowledge with others

  • Keen interest in education is preferred

  • Responsible, Punctual, Dependable, Flexible

  • Good physical stamina

  • Enjoy working with children

  • Able to lift at least 30lbs of weight

  • Dress Code must be abided by each day; no jeans, no shorts, no t-shirts

  • Closed toed shoes required; no flip-flops, slides or sandals

  • Natural hair color and no extreme piercings

  • Provide one adult mentor recommendation