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Collections Corner: Marcelo Novo

Marcelo Novo, Everlast, 1993, From the Mark Coplan Collection.


Looking through vault files often offers great hidden information that helps us understand and build a stronger connection to the objects we see at SCSM. This Free Times News Article featuring Marcelo Novo was discovered in the vault. It helps connect the artist to the work.

Marcel Novo was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1963. In 1990, he was certified as National Professor of Fine Arts and in 1992 Novo moved to Columbia. He became known for his sharp, modern surrealist scenes. Novo’s works has been exhibited all over the world, from Argentina, the United States, Europe and Singapore.

By celebrating the culture, history, and contributions of Hispanic Americans we reinforce that it is important that every unique culture should be celebrated. Novo’s, black and white linocut was a great addition to the State Museum collection, and it has now been inventoried and digitized by the IMLS team.
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