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Camp Pricing


$200 per camper per week. $180 for any additional weeks of camps for the same student.


$160 per camper per week. $145 for any additional weeks of camps for the same student.

Extended Day:

$60 per camper per week or $50 per camper per week for museum members.*

Camp Hours

Drop Off: 8 – 8:45 a.m.
Camp: 9 a.m. – 3 p.m.
Pick-up: 3 – 3:30 p.m.
Extended Day: 3:30 – 5:30 p.m.
Ext. Day Pick-up: 3 – 5:30 p.m.

Summer Camps

June, July and August 2020

The South Carolina State Museum in Columbia is excited to offer an exciting summer of camps for ages 6 – 14! These week-long camps focus on a variety of different subjects including natural history, astronomy, robotics, art, S.T.E.M and more.

A 50% deposit is required to reserve your camper’s spot and the remaining balance is due 2 weeks prior to the camp.

Please note: Drop off and pickup for campers is at the Group Visits Entrance located in the planetarium lobby. Any camper remaining after 3:30 p.m. will be considered part of the Extended Day Camp and will be charged the rate for Extended Day Camp.

TO REGISTER: Click on the button below to submit your Summer Camp Reservation Request.

QUESTIONS? Call 803.898.4999 or email

Please note: the discount for additional weeks of camps and Extended Day are available for the same camper(s) attending multiple programs. Discount can be applied for up to 5 weeks.

Choose Your Camp(s)

Camps are listed below by age group. Please note: this page is updated periodically. Camp availability will be confirmed by museum staff when you finalize your registration. Submitting a reservation request does not guarantee camp availability.

Important Information

pdficon_small Guardian Guide

Extended Day

SCSM knows parents are very busy and sometimes picking up your camper right at 3pm can be difficult. We are happy to offer fun and entertaining Extended Day Camp where students can continue to explore the museum and participate in activities until 5:30pm. Extended Day is an additional cost.


Each camper is expected to bring their own non-perishable, non-microwavable lunch and at least one snack (two if they are staying for Extended Day). The museum is not be able to refrigerate or microwave any meals. The museum will not provide snacks. The museum is not able to take campers to the café for lunch.

  • If you forget your camper’s lunch, you may bring it by before 11:30am and drop it off at the Group Visits window in the planetarium lobby.

  • All campers MUST have a lunch every time they come to camp. Even if your camper is “not a big eater” they must have food and will be provided the opportunity to eat.

  • Please make sure lunch boxes are easily identifiable.

  • Please make sure your camper can distinguish between their lunch and snack. If they eat their lunch during snack and are hungry again during our actual lunch time, we will have to call you to bring additional food.

What to Wear

Campers should all wear close-toed shoes. We recommend a light jacket because some of the exhibits can be cold.

A free camp t-shirt will be provided every Monday. All campers must wear their camp shirts every single day for security reasons. Additional shirts may be purchased at the Group Visits window.

What to Bring

Lunch, a separate snack (two if staying for Extended Day), and an eagerness to learn! SCSM will provide all learning materials. Please keep all electronics (including cell phones), personal toys, stuffed animals, and blankets at home. Please keep large backpacks at home unless absolutely necessary.

Consent Form

A Medical Release and Authorized Consent Pickup Form must be on file for every camper prior to their camp date. Please complete this release form prior to your camper’s camp date or bring it with you on the first day of camp. Unfortunately, campers will not be able to participate in camp without a completed form.

Everyone will be asked to show a picture ID every time they come to pick up a camper. If an Authorized Pickup name does not match the photo ID of the person attempting to pickup, the child will not be released to them.

  • The names on the Photo IDs must match the names on the Authorized Pickup List. Do not use nicknames. (Example: “Kimberly” will not be able to come into contact with the child if we have “Kim” on our forms. The photo ID must match the names listed.)

  • If Medical Contacts are also allowed to pickup they will also need to be listed as an Authorized Pickup. They need to be listed both times. A person authorized to make a medical decision for the child may not necessarily have custody of that child every day and may not be able to come into contact with them.

A note about special needs:

This does not only have to be disabilities. If a family member is away on a work trip it may cause a camper to be more emotional. If a pet just passed away they may be a little obsessed with death. If grandma is in town they may be staying up really late and eating tons of junk food which might make them super sleepy at camp. Whatever it may be – there are times when campers are just in situations that make life different. We love to know what might be going on so we can best serve every child. We all handle things differently as well, so any tips you want to give us on how to work with your child are also welcomed.

Educational Aids are welcome! All educational aids and assistants must be approved at least 2 weeks prior to camp. If you have a camper with an educational aid:

  • The aid cannot be related to the camper.

  • They must be able to show proof of certification in the state of South Carolina.

  • They must also be able to show proof of having passed a background check in their organization and provide their certifying organization’s contact information.

Cancellation or Rescheduling

If your camper is sick or you need to reschedule, the following applies:

  • A written cancellation request must be received two weeks or more before the scheduled camp in order to receive a refund.

  • No refunds will be issued for cancellations made with less than two weeks’ notice.

  • If rescheduling is preferred, it is subject to space availability.

  • The South Carolina State Museum reserves the right to reschedule or cancel any activity. A refund will be given if the museum cancels a camp.

  • Campers found to be ill during camp will be asked to reschedule, pending space availability. Any camper who vomits during camp will immediately be sent home.

For the Saftey of All Campers

Adults are not permitted to participate in SCSM camp activities. We recommend a quick hug at drop-off, an excited hug at pick-up, and avoiding “visiting” during the day, especially for new campers. Adults will not be permitted to visit classrooms during the day. Campers will be brought out to you once ID and authorization has been verified. If your child requires an educational aid to be with them, the person cannot be related to the camper and must hold state certification for their need which must be approved before camp begins.