Illustration of pirate in a red coat and tricorn hat with a ship's railing and the sea behind him

Pirates, Privateers and Buccaneers

Host this exciting traveling exhibition at your museum, school, library, community center or cultural institution!

Arrghh you ready to travel the high seas with an exhibition exploring the history of pirates?

This traveling exhibition from the South Carolina State Museum will make patrons avast (that’s stop in pirate lingo) and gasp as the world of pirates comes alive!

Pirates, Privateers and Buccaneers will thrill those who have always been fascinated by these desperadoes of the seas. This exhibit will dispel a number of popular myths about pirates, such as that they made their victims walk the plank, and used phrases such as ‘arrr,’ and ‘matey,’ which are fictions of Hollywood. This exhibit will also address the problem of modern piracy dispelling another popular myth that pirates disappeared a long time ago.

This exhibit was developed by the South Carolina State Museum with research, collaboration and assistance from the North Carolina Museum of History, the Queen Anne’s Revenge Project of the North Carolina Office of State Archaeology, and the North Carolina Maritime Museum.


June - July 2023
USS Kidd Veterans Museum, Baton Rouge, LA

August 2023 - Onwards
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