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Traveling Exhibit – The Stick by Clay Rice

Traveling Exhibit, SC State Museum, Clay Rice

Exhibit Details

Specs: 16 original framed silhouettes, 1 Intro Panel and 1 book

Security: High

Travel Requirements: Van with seats removed


Exhibit rental pricing includes a one time $150.00 Booking Fee and $150.00 per month rental fee.

1 Month Rental: $300.00
2 Months Rental: $450.00
3 Months Rental: $600.00

To Book


By Phone: 803-898-4959

The Stick by Clay Rice

This new traveling exhibit, developed by South Carolina silhouette artist Clay Rice and the South Carolina State Museum, is based on the artist’s children’s book, The Stick, about a young boy who embarks on an exciting journey after finding a stick.

The Stick is a poignant and heartfelt oath to the power of imagination,” says Rice.

With original hand-cut illustrations from the artist, The Stick, will come to life in this fascinating new traveling exhibit. Rice blends the elegant black and white silhouette tradition with a colorful world in the story of the power of imagination.

About the Artist

Clay Rice is as much a folklorist as he is a visual artist, collecting stories from people he meets and preserving their tales in silhouettes, an art form that began in France in the mid-1700s, taking its name from one of its most famous practitioners, Etienne de Silhouette. Rice learned his craft from the master—his grandfather, famed South Carolina silhouette artist Carew Rice, who was described by poet Carl Sandburg as “America’s greatest silhouettist.”

The Stick by Clay Rice Exhibit Elements List