Group stand with backs to camera showing the SCSM logo on the backs of their lab coats

Meet the Team

Our team is committed to fulfilling the museum's mission and here to be a resource for guests, students, researchers and stakeholders.

Leadership Team

Woman with short brown hair in black shrug with purple shirt smiles

Amy Bartow-Melia

Executive Director
Man in light green short sleeved shirt smiles at camera

Doug Beermann

Director of Operations and Customer Experience
Woman in red shirt with shoulder length hair smiles

Sonja Bradford

Director of Human Resources and Inclusion
Man in glasses, navy jacket and bow tie looks at camera

Tom Falvey

Director of Audience Engagement
Woman with long brown hair in tan blazer smiles

Karen Hall

State Museum Foundation Director
Man with beard in navy jacket and yellow bow tie smiles at camera

Paul E. Matheny, III

Director of Collections and Curatorial Affairs
Woman with curly brown hair and a black suit jacket smiles

Jennifer Thrailkill

Director of Communications and Marketing

Audience Engagement

Woman with brown hair wearing a pink lab coat and holding an erlenmeyer flask with blue liquid inside smiles at camera

Laura Ybarra-Kane

Manager of Education and Interpretation
Woman with blonde hair wearing glasses stands 3/4 towards camera with arms crossed

Meeghan Kane

Public Programs Coordinator
Woman with light brown hair and patterned brown dress smiles at camera

Katherine Kerr

Education Coordinator
Woman looks up projection of Jupiter on planetarium dome while holding small flashlight

Liz Klimek

Planetarium Manager
Man in long sleeved blue shirt looks through eyepiece of large white telescope

Matthew Whitehouse

Observatory Manager

Jessica Olin

Volunteer Manager

Collections and Curatorial Affairs

Woman with blonde hair wearing black vest hold a small basket while wearing blue gloves and smiles at camera

Robyn Adams

Woman with long brown hair holds archival box wearing blue gloves and smiles at camera

Hope Bruce

Collections Inventory Coordinator
Bearded man in blue shirt hold small scraping instrument up against a rock containing a fossil specimen.

Dave Ciccimurri

Curator of Natural History
Blue and red logo reads Cool Care Heating and Air

Dr. Ramon Jackson

Curator of African American Culture and History

Allison Moore

Curator of Art

Timia Thompson

Collections Outreach Manager

Communications and Marketing

Man with short hair in glassed wears grey suit with blue tie and stands with arms crossed while he smiles at the camera

David Dickson

Public Relations Manager

Anna Turner

Graphic Design Manager

Operations and Customer Experience

Woman with short blond hair in a sharp blue jacket smiles at camera

Tonia Johnson Alston

Chief of Public Safety

Jason Bartley

Information Technology Manager
Man in blue shirt with museum logo sits in red theater seat and smiles at camera

Joshua Boyd

Operations Services Manager
Man with shoulder length hair and mustache stands with arms crossed smiling at camera with wall in background that has a spray painted SCSM on it

Jeremy Burt

Exhibition Specialist
Woman with long blond hair in a blue dress smiles

Melanie Davis


Dorothy Hall

Senior Retail Manager
Woman with long brown hair holding clipboard smiles at camera

Brittney Himsl

Special Events Manager
Woman in green tshirt and blue baseball cap stands with crossed arms leaning on replica of lunar rover

Kaylie Hires

Exhibition Specialist

Harley Hoffman

Retail Operations Manager
Woman in navy blue vest with museum logo poses for camera

Rudine Hopkins

Public Safety Officer
Man with beard and Mustache wearing blue zip up hoodie smiles at camera

Matthew Hubbard

Exhibition Technology Specialist

Angela Jackson

Visitor Services Manager
Man with beard in grey shirt with museum logo stands with arms crossed with SC state flag in the background

Tyrone McCoy

Public Safety Officer
Man with beard and mustache wear grey shirt with museum logo looks down at papers on a clip board

Ron Miller

Public Safety Officer
Man with beard and mustache wearing green plaid shirt smiles at camera with wall of tools behind him

Tyler Pitts

Exhibition Specialist

Tamara Washington

Finance Manager

State Museum Foundation

Woman with long dark hair wearing a black suit jacket smiles at camera

Kelsie Crocker

Donor Relations Specialist
Logo with palmetto tree in crescent shape

Kelsey Sadlier

Membership Manager