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Hands-On Science - Let's Mix Up A Witch's Brew and Make Bubbles

Ready? Gather up your baking soda and vinegar so we can learn about reactions!

Witch's Brew Activity

Materials Needed:

Baking soda Vinegar Bottle/jar/bowl 1 spoon Dish soap (optional) Food coloring (optional) Glitter (optional)

Instructions: Fill your jar or bowl about ¼ of the way with vinegar. Add a few drops of dish soap, food coloring, and glitter if you have any. Now get ready to get messy! Say a little magic spell and then, with a spoon, start adding a little baking soda at a time. Feel free to keep adding more and more until the reaction stops. You can even dip your spoon in and mix it around.

Get Creative: Get a little crazy and setup several jars of different colors and get a whole bunch of potions going at once! Use your imagination and remember to share your results with us!



Bubble Trays

Materials Needed:

Baking soda Vinegar Cup or bowl Food coloring (optional) Something to transfer the vinegar (you can use a spoon or, if you have it, a medicine dropper) A tray or flat area you don’t mind getting messy

Instructions: spread baking soda out on a tray, about ¼-1/2” deep. Put some vinegar in a cup or bowl and add a little food coloring if you’d like. Take a spoon (or dropper, if you have one) and slowly pour the vinegar over the baking soda. It’ll start to bubble and fizz! Remember to share your results with us!