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Let the State Museum help you bring learning to life for your students with a variety of standars-based educational offerings.

Discover a variety of resources for South Carolina educators.

From on site classes and professional development opportunities to distance learning programs, our educational resources are designed with South Carolina state education standards for K – 12 students in mind to assist teachers in making classroom learning engaging and exciting.

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(Laura Ybarra-Kane. Manager of Education and Interpretation. South Carolina State Museum) “I remember coming here on school trips when I was little. Now, not only do I bring my child to the museum, I get to work here to inspire wonder in the next generation of learners.”

(Ed Emmer. South Carolina Educator) “The State Museum is essential to the education of generations of South Carolina students and my own work as an educator. The museum supports teachers like me by bringing learning to life.”

(Laura) “Since opening in 1988, the museum has bolstered the education of millions of South Carolina students.”

(Ed) “When students come to the State Museum, they get to see and do things that they would never have a chance to do in their classrooms. Just being here, away from their school, changes the way they learn. Whether they're learning about the solar system or the state's rivers, students make connections here that they can't make anywhere else.”

(Laura) “Through hands on STEAM programs, onsite observatory classes and educational outreach visits, the museum reaches tens of thousands of students each year from all 46 counties in South Carolina and beyond. We're the only place in the state where students can explore exhibitions about art, culture, natural history and science. They can also experience immersive shows and observe distant stars all under one roof.”

(Liz Klimek. Planetarium Manager. South Carolina State Museum) “The Boeing Observatory and the BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina Planetarium have allowed students to explore the cosmos through hundreds of programs led by museum staff. Our outreach and virtual learning programs reach every corner of the state, ensuring that we inspire the next generation of scientists, astronauts, engineers and leaders.”

(Ed) “There's no place like it.”


The museum has a variety of content to assist educators that is just a click-away! Discover museum resources that can help bring learning to life in...
The museum offers FREE interactive virtual learning programs featuring specially trained museum educators and live Q&A sessions.
South Carolina educators, you are invited to expand your horizons with opportunities for professional development at the State Museum.
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Field Trips - FREE for SC Students!

Educators, did you know South Carolina students receive free general admission to State Museum? Plan a field trip today and bring learning to life for your class!

Field Trips at SCSM

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