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Early Oligocene (Rupelian) fishes (Chondrichthyes, Osteichthyes) from the Ashley Formation (Cooper Group) of South Carolina, USA

Publication Name
(2021) PaleoBios 39:1-38
Cicimurri, D.J., J.L. Knight, and J.A. Ebersole

Matrix surrounding a dermochelyid carapace and two cetacean skulls recovered from the Givhans Ferry Member of the Ashley Formation (lower Oligocene, Rupelian Stage) in South Carolina, USA yielded a surprisingly diverse assemblage of euselachian and teleost fishes. We identified 21 elasmobranch taxa, including 13 selachians and eight batoids, nearly all of which are known to occur in the overlying upper Oligocene (Chattian) Chandler Bridge Formation. Notable occurrences within the Ashley Formation paleofauna include a new shark, Scyliorhinus weemsi n. sp., and the first South Carolina Oligocene records of Squalus sp., Pristiophorus sp., and Pachyscyllium sp. Numerous teleost taxa were also documented based on isolated teeth, including species of Albulidae, Paralichthyidae, Osteoglossidae, Sparidae, Sciaenidae, Sphyraenidae, Scombridae, Trichiuridae, and possibly Labridae.


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