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Summer Camps

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June, July and August 2024

The South Carolina State Museum in Columbia is excited to offer a fun and engaging summer of camps for ages 6 – 12 sponsored by AFLAC! These week-long camps focus on a different subject each day including natural history, astronomy, art, S.T.E.A.M and more. Camps are available all summer long in June, July and August.


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Camps are listed below by age group, click the corresponding tab to see a full list of camp descriptions and dates.

Exploring Our Space 

June 3 - 7 SOLD OUT | July 15 - 19 SOLD OUT

Space won’t seem so far away as we use a variety of hands-on activities to explore the distant stars and planets. Build a small projector to project constellations on the wall, create a model to demonstrate moon phases, and encode a message to say hello to possible aliens living in a whole other solar system. There’s a lot to explore in our little cosmic neighborhood, so let’s go see what’s out there! 


Beep. Bop. Boop! 

June 10 - 14 SOLD OUT | July 22 - 26 SOLD OUT

01001000 01001001 – that means “Hi” in binary! In this camp, your little ones will use 8 different robots in order to discover what it means to be a roboticist. From coding with colors with Ozobot Evo and Sphero Indi to block coding challenges with Dash and Dot – we'll enter a world beyond the binary! Campers will also have a chance to explore LEGO Essentials to create their own robotic masterpieces. 


Classical Fantastical Creations 

June 17 -  21 SOLD OUT | July 29 - Aug. 2  SOLD OUT

Come with us on a magical journey as we discover timeless classics and new adventures. We will read ten different books in this camp and do an activity inspired by each one. Campers will test their engineering skills as they build houses to withstand the wind of a big bad wolf, work with mixed media as they create works of art through collage with the Very Hungry Caterpillar, and they’ll even create their own slithering dragons as we discover what Dragon Post is!  


Sense-ational Art 

June 24 - 28 SOLD OUT | Aug. 5 - 9

How does art impact our senses? And do our senses impact art? We’ll explore different mediums from traditional painting to music as campers explore their emotions. We’ll start the week connecting emotions to music with paint, create adaptive tactile art, and trick our sense of sight as we explore illusions and play with found imagery. Can you sense the excitement? We sure can! 

Please note: This camp does include tasting and eating different foods including: marshmallows, potato chips, cheese puffs, caramel popcorn, Magic Spoon Frosted cereal, and even litmus paper taste tests. Please let us know ahead of time if you have any allergies to any of these materials.


Girls Can Do It!

July 8 - 12  

And so can you! There are some amazing women in our history and we’re here to learn all about them! Have you ever heard of Althea Gibson? Or Gladys West and Heddy Lamar? What about Bessie Coleman, Mae Jemison, or Ellen Ochoa? In this camp we’ll be creating STEAM projects based on some of our most notable women in history. From testing our own flight paths to creating mini-circuits, we’ll honor each of these women in history with projects of our very own. We got this!  

Hours & Pricing

Non-Member Pricing

$250 per camper per week

$300 with Extended Day


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Member Pricing

$200 per camper per week

$240 with Extended Day


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Camp Hours

Drop Off: 8 – 8:30 a.m.

Camp: 8:30 a.m. – 3 p.m.

Pick-up: 3 – 3:30 p.m.

Extended Day: 3:30 – 5:30 p.m.

Ext. Day Pick-up: 3:30 – 5:30 p.m.


Important Information

Please make sure to read our camp policies and procedures.



  • Drop-off is at the side entrance of the museum by the planetarium. Please pull up to the bus unloading area and walk your camper into the building for sign-in every day. Please allow yourself a little more time the first day of camp just in case we have any questions about your forms or need to make schedule adjustments.
  • Pick-up is also at the side entrance of the museum by the planetarium! You can pull to the exact same bus unloading area and temporarily park. You will need to come inside and sign out your camper. A photo ID will be checked every single day. *There is a $10 late fee for every 5-minutes a camper is late being picked up. 
  • Special Camp Phone Number! The museum is closed on Mondays and before 10 a.m. Tuesday - Friday. If you need to contact the SCSM Camp Team please text or call (803) 528-2706. For all inquiries regarding membership, payments, adding extended day or day-of camp, please call Group Visits at (803) 898-4999.
  • On Mondays we will ask you to verify your camper’s security information for the week. Please give yourself a little extra time on Mondays so that we can make sure your camper is totally safe and secure with us here at the South Carolina State Museum.
  • Late drop-off may cause your camper to miss activities. We’ll do our best to get them caught up but we may not be able to adjust our schedule every time. We are also unable to repeat activities missed due to absenteeism. At 3:31pm campers will be considered part of the Extended Day Camp and charged for the entire week (summer camp does not have a single day charge option).
  • Please avoid picking up campers between 2:30 - 3 p.m. as we are in the middle of activities at that time. If you arrive between 2:30-3pm you will be asked if pick-up is immediate or if the camper can finish their current activity.



SCSM knows caregivers are very busy and sometimes picking up your camper right at 3pm can be difficult. We are happy to offer a fun and entertaining Extended Day Camp where students can continue to explore the museum and participate in activities until 5:30pm. Extended Day is an additional weekly cost and cannot be sold by the day for summer camp. 



Each camper is expected to bring their own non-perishable, non-microwavable lunch and at least one snack (two if they are staying for Extended Day).  

  • The museum is not be able to refrigerate or microwave any meals.  

  • The museum will not provide snacks.  

  • The museum is not able to take campers to the café for lunch.  

  • Campers are not supposed to share food unless related and one lunch is packed for both of them.  

  • If you are dropping lunches off late in the day you can take them to admissions. They’ll get in touch with camp and we will take the lunch to the appropriate student. 

  • All campers MUST have a lunch every time they come to camp. Even if your camper is “not a big eater” they must have food and will be provided the opportunity to eat. 

  • Please make sure lunch boxes are easily identifiable. The museum is not responsible for mixed-up lunch boxes. 

  • Please make sure your camper can distinguish between their lunch and snack. If they eat their lunch during snack and are hungry again during our actual lunch time, we will have to call you to bring additional food. 



  • Campers should all wear close-toed shoes.  

  • We recommend a light jacket because some of the exhibits can be cold.  

  • A free camp t-shirt will be provided every Monday. All campers must wear their camp shirts every single day for security reasons. Additional shirts may be purchased at the Front Desk for $10. 


WHAT TO BRING: Lunch, a separate snack (two if staying for Extended Day), and an eagerness to learn! SCSM will provide all learning materials. Please keep all electronics (including cell phones), personal toys, stuffed animals, and blankets at home. Please keep large backpacks at home unless absolutely necessary. 


  • Electronics and Cell Phones: It is our policy that electronics should stay home unless medically necessary. Schools and camps across the country are always struggling with this issue and we know different camps have different policies. At SCSM, we are committed to each and every student and making sure they are valued and known. We believe in the importance of our shared community and engaging together socially and academically. In order to get the most out of camp, they need to engage with us and their peers. Access to cell phones, texts, and social media magnifies behaviors and attitudes that harm inclusion and acceptance which are key tenets of a healthy and joyful camp experience. 


You will always have access to your child. Here are some ways we do that: 

  • If you’d like to see your child face-to-face: 

  • Present your photo ID and it will be checked against the Authorized Pick-up list. 

  • Camper will be brought out to you 

  • For the safety and security of other campers, adults who are not camp staff are not permitted to visit the classrooms. 

  • If you’d like to speak with your child during the day: 

  • Call or text the camp cell phone: (803) 528-2706 

  • We’ll get to your camper as quickly as possible and give them the phone 

  • If you’d simply like a midday update, please let us know and we will do our absolute best to do that when we have a moment. 



If your camper is sick or you need to reschedule, the following applies: 

  • A written cancellation request must be received two weeks or more before the scheduled camp in order to receive a refund. You must send this to  

  • No refunds will be issued for cancellations made with less than two weeks’ notice.  

  • If rescheduling is preferred, it is subject to space availability. 

  • The South Carolina State Museum reserves the right to reschedule or cancel any activity. A refund will be given if the museum cancels a camp. 

  • Any camper who vomits during camp will immediately be sent home. 

  • Campers who test positive for Covid-19, strep, or any other communicable disease will be given the opportunity to reschedule. If there is no availability, a refund will be given. 

  • The South Carolina State Museum is not able to issue a refund or reschedule partial weeks or single days of camp. 


For the safety of all campers, adults are not permitted to participate in SCSM camp activities. We recommend a quick hug at drop-off, an excited hug at pick-up, and avoiding “visiting” during the day, especially for new campers. Adults will not be permitted to visit classrooms during the day. Campers will be brought out to you once ID and authorization have been verified. Please see below for information on Educational Aids. 


ACCESSIBILITY AND SPECIAL NEEDS: This does not only have to be disabilities. If a family member is away on a work trip it may cause a camper to be more emotional. If grandma is in town they may be staying up really late and eating tons of junk food, which might make them super sleepy at camp. Whatever it may be – there are times when campers are just in situations that make life different. We love to know what might be going on so we can best serve every child. We all handle things differently as well, so any tips you want to give us on how to work with your child are also welcomed. 

The museum and its classrooms are equipped with many things to make sure everyone can explore and have a great time! Please let us know if your camper will have any special requirements prior to your visit. Some of the tools we have include wheelchairs, noise canceling headphones, sensory/fidget bags, sensory seat pads, family restrooms, first aid, and assistive listening devices for shows. All camp staff are CPR/First Aid certified and have first aid kits on them at all times. 

Educational Aids are welcome! The State Museum is not setup for 1:1 care and we do encourage educational aids to attend camp for anyone who may need it. All educational aids and assistants must be approved at least 2 weeks prior to camp.  

If you have a camper with an educational aid, the following must happen prior to attending camp: 

  • They must be able to show proof of certification in the state of South Carolina. 

  • They must also be able to show proof of having passed a background check in their organization and provide their certifying organization’s contact information. 

  • Must pass a state background check through the SC State Museum (this can sometimes take a few weeks). 

  •  If they are also allowed to take the child home they must be listed on the Authorized Pickup List. 

The following individuals are considered educational aides and must show proof of certification/registration: 

  • Certified personal care attendants 

  • Registered behavior technicians 

  • Registered behavior therapists 

  • Certified Special Education Teachers 

  • Official Special Education Teaching Assistants 

  • Certified respite care attendants 

  • Certified ASL interpretive guides 

  • Certified Visual impairment guides