a quilt with green, red and yellow flowers on a cream colored background

Online Exhibitions

Bindings and Betweens: South Carolina Quilts

In these quilts we can explore the stories that bind people together and fill the spaces between us. Quilts tell us about globalization, cultural change, and technological innovations; topics we are all familiar with today.

a quilt with multi colored stars on a field of red

A Voice of Her Own: South Carolina Women in Politics – A Virtual 360 Exhibit

From tribal women leaders, to our first female Governor, this exhibit utilizes objects, images and stories to explore how women engaged with the political history of our state.

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South Carolina and Reconstruction

The years following the Civil War were a time of great upheaval. After the bloodiest war in American history, the country was redefining itself. This exhibit uses artifacts from the time period to examine the devastation of the war, changes in labor, society, and the law.

Screen shot of the South Carolina and Reconstruction: A Virtual 360 Exhibit